Personal Injury Defense

Each year, millions of people in the United States areinjured in accidents. Many of these accidents are unfortunately caused by the preventable carelessness or even malicious intent of others. The law protects those harmed by negligent parties and allows the injured to seek compensation for their suffering. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident resulting from negligence or intentional harm, you may be entitled to receive just compensation for your physical and psychological injuries.
To protect your rights and make certain that you are taking all of the necessary actions in the recovery process, you should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. Right when winning means everything, the legal counselor you pick will improve things significantly. Servicing the Gainesville, FL area, DeCarlis & Sawyer’ Law Firm speak to a broad assortment of cases, including Personal Injury, Slip And Fall, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Car Accident and Product Liability. Our need is our clients and their interests. The client is not charged unless the case is won. When you pick the Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer we will provide for you the highest level of representation without compromising excellent service. In Gainesville, FL, our company’s capable lawyers acknowledge what it takes to come out victorious on your case and get the compensation you deserve.
Our firm is dedicated to getting the best conceivable results for every single one of our customers and is regarded to have the opportunity to support them in the North Central Florida region. The Lawyers at DeCarlis and Sawyer attempt to furnish our customers with the finest legitimate representation accessible. Whether you require aggressive representation, or expert litigation services, our lawyers have the experience and commitment important to succeed.
Personal injury laws allow individuals who endure harm to the mind or body as a result of another person’s or company’s negligence or recklessness to receive justice and recover compensation for their suffering. If you or a loved one has sustained individual harm as a result of such negligence or recklessness, call The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer for a complimentary consultation. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the maximum reparations you are permitted under the law.

What you need to know about Personal Injury Cases

Accident and injury lawsuits take many forms, but the basic stages of a personal injury case generally remain constant. Use the resources below to learn about each step in the process. Find out what to expect when you meet with an attorney, what court filings will be involved in the beginning of a lawsuit, how the two sides exchange information to establish facts, how and why cases settle or otherwise end before trial, what happens at  trial, how to collect on a judgment, and more.
Meeting with DeCarlis Sawyer: Our skilled attorneys are ready to meet with you to discuss the facts of your case and to learn the details on how things occurred, the nature of your injuries and to determine whether you may have a case. proceed to assist you. Learn what will likely happen when you meet with a lawyer—including information the attorney will want to know and details on how things proceed should he or she take your case.
Starting the Case: Initial Court Papers: Your attorney should explain each step, but here you can learn basics on Complaints, Answers, and  other motions involved at the beginning of a lawsuit.Fact-Finding and Discovery: Find out about “discovery”—the process by which opponents in a lawsuit get information from each other to establish facts in the case.
Resolution before Trial Motions:Many cases get resolved by Motions to Dismiss and other motions which ask the court to cut the case  off before trial.
Settlement:Far more injury lawsuits settle than go to trial. Learn the basics of settlements, as well as other factors you should consider.
What Happens at Trial? Trials are not like those shown on TV. Find out what really happens—from jury selection, to opening arguments, witness testimony, closing arguments, and all the way to a jury’s verdict.
Collecting Money after Judgment:
Winning at trial is not final victory. Collecting on a judgment often requires work. Find out what you should keep in mind when looking to collect.



Premises Liability

All property owners have a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment to their invitees of their property, such as ensuring adequate security and providing safe walking environments. When a property owner is negligent, incidents such as slip and fall accidents, crime due to poor security, and other injuries caused by the failure to make property reasonably safe can occur. These incidents can result in a premises liability lawsuit. If you have suffered harm as a result of negligent property owners, call The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer for a complimentary consultation. We are committed to recovering the maximum compensation for you.


Car Accident

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or death as a result of a car accident? According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in 2009 there were nearly 34,000 fatal car crashes, including just under 5,000 non-motorist deaths, and there were over 2 million injuries involving a vehicle accident. Sadly, nearly a third of deadly car accidents involve alcohol impairment. Call The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer today for your free consultation. Our caring and experienced attorneys will do everything we can to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Slip And Fall

An injury that results from slipping, tripping, or falling on someone else’s property is considered a slip and fall accident. A slip and fall accident can lead to severe injury and even death. If you slip and fall on someone else’s property due to neglect of the property such as a dangerous floor or flight or stairs or a poorly placed object, you may be entitled to compensation by the property owner. Contact The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer for a free consultation today. We work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to due to your slip and fall accident.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is tragic and can leave family members feeling despair and helplessness. Sadly, thousands of deaths each year are a result of wrongful death. When a loved one passes away due to the neglect, malpractice, or abandon of another person or entity, the family of the victim may be able to recover damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. If you think your loved one has died because of someone else’s negligence contact The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer today for your free consultation. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Pharmaceutical and Product Liability

Every time you strap your child into her car seat or take a prescribed medication, you should have peace of mind knowing that the product is safe and will perform its intended purpose. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Each year, thousands of people in the United States are injured from dangerous or defective products.  If you or your property has been harmed as a result of a poorly designed or manufactured product, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

Designers, manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to the consumers of their products. If something malfunctions and a product causes injury or harm, these entities are liable for damages under product liability laws. If you feel you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective product you may be entitled to compensation.


More About Pharmaceutical and Product Liability

Contact The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer for a free consultation to discuss your situation. Our skillful attorneys are passionate about helping you win your case and obtaining compensation for your injuries.Many people fail to realize that there are federal and local laws which protect consumers against dangerous products and hold manufacturers liable for injuries caused by such goods. These regulations are generally known as product liability law. If you have been injured by a defective product, it is essential that you contact a knowledgeable lawyer who can help you determine your rights and represent you against large manufacturing companies. Contact our skilled  defective product attorneys if you or a loved one has been injured by:
• Defective automobile products including airbags, seat belts, tires, child car seats• Pharmaceutical products
• Medical devices
• Children’s toys
• Household appliances
• Sporting goods including firearms, exercise equipment, helmets
Case Types:
• Accutane
• Actos
• Asbestos
• Avandia
• Bucky Balls
• Denture Cream
• Dialysis
• DuPuy ASR hip
• DuPuy Pinnacle hip
• Fentanyl
• Granuflo and Naturalyte
• Hernia mesh patch (Kugel)
• Hydroxycut
• Levaquin
• Mirena IUD
• Ocella
• Pradaxa
• Reglan
• Stryker hip
• Vaginal mesh – TVT sling
• Yasmin
• Yaz
• Zimmer Durom Cup hip
• Zimmer NexGen Knee
These injuries may be the result of a design defect, manufacturing error or inadequate labeling which does not include sufficient safety instructions or warnings.Product liability law places the burden of proof on the injured party, meaning that he or she must present evidence showing a direct link between physical injuries and product defect. This causal relationship may be difficult to prove without an experienced advocate on your side.Our law firm works closely with you every step of the way and will advise you on the best course of action to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We also collaborate with experienced engineers and design experts who can provide invaluable insight for your case and deliver expert testimony in a court of law. When necessary, these resources afford us the ability to create a replica of the defective product to further strengthen your case.You paid for the product, you should not be forced to pay for the harm it caused you or a loved one. If you’ve been injured as the result of a defective or dangerous product, call us today for a free consultation.

Medical Malpractice

It is not unusual for accidents to occur when undergoing medical treatment.  However, when an injury results from medical treatment that deviates from accepted standards of practice, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be the only way for the patient to recover damages.  If you have suffered serious injury at the hands of negligent doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals, you may be entitled to considerable compensation for your pain and suffering as well as future and past lost wages and medical bills.  In cases of wanton and reckless conduct, punitive damages can also be attained for the victim.

Opened First Aid Kit

American’s put a great deal of trust in the doctors, nurses and healthcare providers they count on for care. People depend on these professionals to provide a service relating to body, mind and/or emotions that meets an acceptable standard.
Unfortunately, when a medical professional makes a mistake or deviates from the acceptable standard, negligence can occur and the outcome can be devastating, resulting in injury or death. In addition, medical malpractice can leave an individual feeling victimized, powerless and in despair. We can help. If you believe you or a loved one are victims of medical malpractice call The Law Firm of DeCarlis and Sawyer today for a free meeting. We are devoted to fighting for your rights and making sure you receive fair financial compensation for your injuries.
Medical malpractice cases typically require a significant amount of research and careful presentation to be successfully litigated.  This is because a favorable outcome requires proof that there was a failure to provide a level of care that is commensurate with accepted standards and that such failure was the cause of the injury.Our firm is available to handle virtually any type of medical malpractice case, including those that result in major medical injuries or wrongful death.

Medical malpractice can often occur as a result of:

  • Misdiagnosis of cancer
  • Misdiagnosis of cardiac conditions
  • Prescribing experimental drugs
  • Misdiagnosis in pediatrics
  • Performing cosmetic surgery
  • Birth injuries or death resulting from delayed C-section procedure, failure to monitor the fetus, or improper delivery technique
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Emergency room errors
  • Murder
  • Gastroenterology errors
  • Medical device injuries
  • Negligence on the part of a hospital, surgeon, nurse, obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN), or any other doctor or health care worker who fails to follow accepted standards of practice
  • Post-surgical infection
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Lack of informed consent

In addition, medical malpractice can also result from caregiver negligence, improper hiring, poor training and managerial incompetence.
Because medical malpractice claims can be complex and difficult to prove, our firm utilizes advanced tools including computer simulations and real life anatomical illustrations to explain complicated medical issues to a jury.  We also work closely with qualified medical experts to assist with litigation, both in and out of court.
Our firm has helped medical malpractice accident victims obtain financial compensation for their injuries.  If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury as the result of the negligence of a doctor, hospital, nurse or other medical professional or facility, call our offices today for a consultation.


Criminal Defense

The assumption of innocence is one of our main rights. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, the law office of DeCarlis & Sawyer will assist you. With a great deal of experience as criminal defense attorneys in Gainesville, FL, it is our goal to challenge all charges against you and to be there, in court, to provide with the help you deserve.
In any case, there is no required commitment on your side for our recommendations, and there is a huge benefit on these options, the experience.

The court system need to demonstrate that an individual perpetrated a wrongdoing, meaning that you are innocent until demonstrated guilty. On the off chance that you have been blamed for a criminal act, please contact the skilled and talented lawyers at DeCarlis & Sawyer for a complimentary consultation. We will utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise in your defense to assure your case is settled in positive terms.


  • Misdemeanors / Felonies / Violation Of Probation
  • Theft / White Collar Crime / Tax Fraud
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drugf Offenses
  • DUI
  • Gun Charges
  • Domestic Violence/ Assault
  • Homicide/Murder
  • Child Abuse
  • Misdemeanors / Felonies / Violation Of Probation


What You Should Know:

If you are arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, these are criminal offenses that can also carry potential legal consequences such as jail time and/or probation, as follows:

  • first degree misdemeanors are criminal offenses in the State of Florida, and can carry up to a maximum of one year in county jail and $1,000.00 in fines.
  • second degree misdemeanors are lesser misdemeanor offenses that carry up to a maximum penalty of sixty (60) days in jail and $500.00 in fines.
  • These are the maximum penalties for these types of offenses, however, like felony offenses they still have devastating consequences on a person’s ability to maintain a livelihood, develop a career and continue to enjoy the freedom to pursue their goals without a blemish on their record.


Felony offenses are criminal acts that are punishable by life imprisonment, the death penalty, or imprisonment in a state prison for a period of time longer than a year.


In addition, certain repeat offenders can be classified as habitual offenders and face harsher and more severe penalties.

Our firm can defend you when you are charged with the following offenses:

  • Alcohol Possession Under Age 21
  • False Identification
  • Identity Theft
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Dealing in Stolen Property
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Violation of Probation
  • A violation of probation proceeding is much different than being charged with a new criminal offense. Since you have already been sentenced to probation, you have less constitutional protection than if you were charged with a new offense. Rights that waived include:
  • No statute of limitations;
  • No right to a bond while awaiting a hearing,
  • No right to jury trial in a violation hearing,
  • Hearsay is admissible against you
  • You can be forced to testify against yourself, and
  • Guilt does not have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
Type of Felony Maximum Potential  Prison Term Maximum Potential Fine
Capital felony Death Penalty/Life in prison Discount:
Life Felony (after 1995) Life in prison $15.000
Felony of First Degree 30 years,but in some cases life in prison $10.000
Felony of Second Degree 15 years in prison $10.000
Felony of Third Degree 5 years in prison $5.000


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