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After an accident, drivers are expected to remain at the scene to relay information and give a rundown of what happened to law enforcement. Unfortunately, not all drivers stay behind after an accident. A hit and run is the criminal act of leaving the scene after an accident. There are many reasons why a driver may not remain at the scene of an accident, but most commonly it is to avoid contact with authorities. If you have been charged with a hit and run, you will need an aggressive and tenacious defense attorney. The defense attorneys at DeCarlis & Sawyer have proven to produce positive case results, and will help you with every aspect of your criminal case.

What’s Involved in a Hit and Run

A hit and run is an accident where the driver either:

  • Hits a car and speeds off without returning to the scene, or
  • Hits a parked car and does not leave pertinent contact information before fleeing the scene

Deserting a car accident scene before sharing contact information or ensuring the safety of others involved is considered illegal. If you are facing criminal charges for a hit and run, you could potentially suffer severe consequences. Depending on the nature of the accident, injuries sustained by victims, and total damages, you could face either misdemeanor or even felony charges. Usually, if the accident did not result in any injuries, the crime is considered a second degree misdemeanor, leaving the defendant with up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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