Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis

Incorrect or Delayed Medical Diagnosis Lawyers in Gainesville Florida

Being diagnosed with an illness is stressful and scary, and you put your trust in a healthcare professional to deliver results in a timely manner and offer relevant treatment. Many patients think: what could be scarier than the initial diagnosis of an illness? They are wrong to assume that the diagnosis is the worst part.

A delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis can cause life-altering problems. Patients who are misdiagnosed or do not hear back from their doctor in time may be in critical need of medical attention, and may miss their opportunity to get it, and the likelihood of a full recovery decreases. Serious injury and even death can be possible in patients who receive a late or incorrect diagnosis. If you or a loved one’s life has been affected by a delayed or incorrect diagnosis, the attorneys at DeCarlis & Sawyer in Gainesville, Florida can help.

What Error in Diagnosis Occurred?

When an error in diagnosis is made, the probability of a patient getting correct and timely treatment decreases. If a diagnosis is delayed, the patient could be missing out on urgent care, which could be life-threatening. If a diagnosis is incorrect, then the patient may not be receiving the correct treatment for their illness, and their health could essentially deteriorate.

Our attorneys have ample experience and access to infinite resources and medical professionals who will help us determine where the error in diagnosis occurred. Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis can happen with any illness and any patient, but more often seem to occur during the diagnosis of:

  • Many forms of cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Infection (including post-surgical infection)

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